Boost Your Immune System with Black Gram

It goes without saying that our immune system is one of the most important functions of the human body. It searches for enemy viruses, launches attacks on foreign invaders, and generates defense mechanisms to protect us from future threats. It’s really quite fascinating!

It’s also extremely important in these days of rampant novel viruses to keep our immune system strong and well supplied with the nutrients it needs to stay on top of the job; fortunately, we have superfoods like black gram (Vigna mungo L.) to help us out!

How Can Black Gram Help the Immune System?

Black gram is an ancient medicinal food that has been used for thousands of years in India to bring healing to the body. Among a host of other ailments it is able to relieve, black gram can also improve your immune system on several levels:

  • Supporting healthy digestion
  • Supplying the body with iron
  • Providing natural antioxidants

The Digestive Tract

huge portion of the immune system is stationed in the intestines. Therefore it makes sense that a healthy digestive tract will house a more effective immune system. Black gram has a great feature that is key to proper digestion. Fiber.

Soluble and insoluble dietary fiber helps things move consistently through the intestines, and it slows the rapid absorption of sugars. It also regulates the circulation of bile, preventing indigestion and other widespread complications. Black gram has 48% of your RDV per 100 g serving.


Studies have shown that iron is an essential element in the development of proper immune response. Without enough iron in our diets, the immune cells are not able to multiply or mature. It just so happens that black gram is one of the best sources of natural dietary iron you’ll ever find! 

Iron deficiency is a very common condition in the United States and around the world, but it doesn’t have to be that way; a mere 100 g of black gram will put a whopping 7.57 mg into your system (that’s 95% of the RDV!); now that in itself is a good reason to add black gram to the menu! Be sure to pair it with a food high in vitamin C to help your body absorb the iron.


There are little molecules in the body called free radicals that occur naturally, but when the body is put under stress or exposed to harmful elements, free radicals can get out of hand and begin damaging the body. Antioxidants are what keep free radicals under control, and prevent them from becoming a danger, therefore it is important to have a steady input of antioxidants in our diet.

Studies have shown that there is a significant amount of antioxidants in the skin of black gram, and this makes it an important player in regards to boosting the immune system. Black gram can help to prevent the breakdown and corrosion of the body on the cellular level, and that affects the body in a positive  foundational way, guarding against a multitude of subtle illnesses and disorders.

Black Gram Can Do Even More!

We have by no means exhausted the ways that black gram can boost the immune system; we could go on to talk about its content of zinc, arginine (needed to produce nitric oxide), its ability to help us cope with stress and keep us energized, etc., but one article is hardly enough to relay all of the amazing benefits this legume has to offer! Browse through some of our other reports to get a broader view of what black gram can do for you.

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