Morning Energy: Black Gram A Breakfast Superfood

Good Morning, Black Gram!

Looking for a way to start your day off right? Well, we’re excited to share with you the amazing benefits of Black Gram as a breakfast food. This legume is absolutely packed with large amounts of essential nutrients and minerals. It’s perfect for any time of the day, but because breakfast is such a crucial meal that will affect the majority of your waking hours, it’s one of the best times to incorporate Black Gram!

Put Some Protein On Your Plate

Experts say that eating a breakfast high in protein can benefit your health in many ways! I helps you feel satisfied until your next meal, thus preventing unnecessary snacking. For anyone who is trying to lose weight, it’s one of the best ways to boost metabolism and prevent over-eating at the same time! Yes, eating a decent breakfast can actually help prevent diet-related illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

Black Gram (also known as Urad Dal and Vigna Mungo) is an excellent source of high quality protein, providing as much as 45% of the RDV per serving!

Be an Iron Man… or Woman

Starting your morning with a good source of iron can boost your energy for the day, and it also helps to remove toxins from your system. Iron is a necessary mineral for the manufacturing and function of red blood cells; and as the saying goes, “The life is in the blood.”

Healthy blood promotes wellbeing to your entire body including brain, muscle, and organ function. Many businesses in the food industry have begun to fortify breakfast cereals with iron to help the average American reach a higher level of iron intake, but the best way to absorb iron is by consuming it directly from a natural source.

Why not get your iron from Black Gram? It is an iron superfood that can supply up to 95% of the RDV! Now, that’s a hard number to beat.

Getting the Most Out of a Meal

While it is easy to just grab a bagel or a bowl of cereal in the morning before heading out the door, it’s important to fill our bodies with food that will truly nourish us. When we recognize and appreciate the value of special treasures like Black Gram, the habits of healthy eating will in turn reward us with a higher quality of life.

There are very few other foods that can boast the nutritional richness of Black Gram in not only protein and iron, but also phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, folate, and fiber. There’s really no better way to start your day! Get creative and try a few new recipes; some authentic Indian breakfast foods that use Black Gram (Urad Dal) include Ada (Adai)Idli, and Dosa. These favorites can bring the amazing little lentil to your table in a tasty and satisfying way.

If you want to learn more about Black Gram, or if you want to try out some more recipes, check out our website and browse through the world of the Wonder Bean!

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