Improve Your Sleep By Eating Black Gram

Having trouble getting a good night’s sleep lately? Few things are as frustrating as trying to face a busy day when you still feel tired from the day before! Insomnia can be the result of various causes, including (but not limited to):

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Medications
  • Other health conditions such as sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome

If you can relate to any of these conditions and it’s costing you your rest, it may be time to start eating Black Gram. This amazing little legume (Vigna mungo L.) can support and heal the body like no other food in the world! Let’s take a brief look at how it can prevent insomnia and help you get the sleep you need.


This important mineral is responsible for so many functions in the body. One of the functions relevant to a good night’s sleep is magnesium’s role in helping the brain and body to relax; it also regulates the body’s sleep hormones so that your system can transition into sleep quicker and easier. Studies have revealed that magnesium is directly connected to our ability to prevent and deal with stress. If there is a deficiency of magnesium in the body, anxiety and stress are right around the corner!

The amount of magnesium absorbed from food sources is usually greater (and safer) than what can be absorbed from synthetic supplements, so eating magnesium-rich food is the way to go! Black Gram is a great way to get magnesium, providing 67% RDV in a serving.


While more studies need to be done on the topic, there are many indicators that potassium can help us sleep better through the night. This electrolyte helps nerve and muscle interaction, and there is even a possibility that potassium can help remedy obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), an condition that robs the sleep of over 20 million Americans!

For whatever reason, bananas are the poster potassium food; …but let’s do a quick comparison:

Enough said!

B-Complex Vitamins

Black Gram is also a good source of multiple B-complex vitamins that are essential to good health. In 2011, a study was introduced to see how B vitamins affected occupational stress (a common cause of insomnia); the results showed that after only a few months of B-complex supplements, the participants were able to deal with stress better, and showed lower levels of anxiety and depression. Again, evidence relays that natural sources of B vitamins are utilized even more efficiently that their synthetic counterparts. 


Did you know that iron can help prevent or relieve sleep-disrupting conditions like restless leg syndrome? A deficiency of iron often results in fatigue and other negative physical symptoms that can add stress and frustration to your day. Getting an adequate amount of iron will help you feel rested and full of energy.

If you have read many of our other articles on the health benefits of Black Gram, you already know that it is an amazing source of dietary iron. One serving has 95% of the recommended daily intake! 

The “Rest” of the Story

In addition to all of these great benefits of eating Black Gram, adding it to your regular meal plan can affect every area of your health, and may even reduce your need of other medications that are affecting your sleep as well (always consult your physician before altering medications).

Pairing a healthy diet with plenty of fresh air and daily physical exercise can bring wellness to your body; Black Gram is there to help you along the way, encouraging your muscles, organs, and mind with a bounty of valuable nutrients to face each day, …and night.

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