Need Better Dental Health? Eat black gram!

We often hear about foods that are damaging to our teeth (refined sugars, etc.), but have you ever wondered what foods are really great for your teeth? Some of the first things that may come to mind are items rich in calcium such as milk and cheese.

There are many minerals and nutrients that play a role in healthy teeth. Calcium is indeed one of the essentials, but it must work together with other components like phosphorus and protein in order get the job done right! Eating Black Gram is a great way to naturally absorb important nutrients for a healthy smile!

The Package Deal

When we talk about Black Gram, it’s hard not to view this legume as a special gift to humanity; taking a look at the contents of the little lentil begins to reveal so many benefits that it’s hard to know where to start… and where to stop! When it comes to building strong teeth, it offers a variety of nutrients and minerals including:

  • A hefty 54% of the recommended daily intake of phosphorus.
  • 21% of your needed potassium.
  • 30% of the recommended zinc.
  • 45% of your daily protein.
  • And a whopping 95% of your iron.

The low content of sugar in Black Gram and its natural texture make it a great cleaner for your teeth simply by eating it! Powerful antioxidants lie in the skin of the lentil to further fight enemies to your health.

More Than Strong Teeth

Like almost every area of the body, the heart of wellbeing goes much deeper than what we see on the surface. Studies have continually shown that good oral health is directly connected with your digestive system; a healthy gut can greatly reduce your risk of not only gum disease, but also lowers the numbers of dangerous bacterias in your mouth that result in cavities and tooth decay.

Up to 80% of your body’s immune system is contained in your intestines. It stands to reason, therefore, that maintaining a healthy digestive system will have a positive effect on your teeth and gums. Black Gram to the rescue!

Healthy Intestines for a Healthy Smile

Black Gram is packed with many essential nutrients, but one of its prize features is the fiber it contains. Although fiber seems like an empty material, it does a very important job of cleaning the intestines, and keeping things moving so that the body can absorb a higher content of vitamins and minerals. It also prevents serious illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease by slowing the body’s absorption of excess empty sugars. This valuable boost to your over-all health and immune system makes Black Gram a great dietary choice for strong teeth and good oral health.

Lovely Legume

Have we convinced you of the amazing qualities of Black Gram? Now it’s time to start enjoying it! Try out some delicious recipes to help you begin the journey of exceptional health and wellness, and feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have!

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