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Anxiety and depression are mental illnesses that affect over 40 million people in the United States. Those are numbers that deserve some serious attention, especially when episodes can climax into panic attacks that are truly debilitating. Americans are not only struggling with diagnosed mental illness, but other generalized mood swings and disorders that can affect their daily lives.  Fortunately, studies are beginning to show that those who suffer from mood struggles have alternative approaches to start feeling better besides having to rely on pharmaceuticals for the rest of their lives.

Why? …because significant scientific links are emerging which connect mental health with diet. Many testimonies exist where mental and emotional wellness were significantly relieved by a positive alteration of diet and lifestyle. This is where black gram comes in – as a healthy addition to your diet and lifestyle that could benefit your mood!

Mood and Digestion

A huge component of our mood is (believe it or not) the digestive system. That’s right! When everything is functioning properly in your intestines, your entire body, including the brain, is able to function properly as well. Black gram is an excellent food for promoting digestive health; not only because it is a powerhouse of nutrients, but also because it contains a high level of dietary fiber.

The Fiber Factor

Extensive research has shown a link between high fiber intake and decreased symptoms of depression and even hypertension. When the digestive system is not working well, key vitamins and minerals necessary for proper mental function are blocked from being absorbed. This causes chemical imbalances in the brain, resulting in a variety of physical ailments and which may affect mood.

Black gram is an extremely healthy meal option, one of the reasons being that this little lentil boasts 48% of the recommended daily intake of dietary fiber, in the form of soluble and insoluble fiber. Both soluble and insoluble fiber play an important role in a healthy digestive system.

Antioxidants and Mental Wellbeing

The Harvard Medical School and the Indian Journal of Psychiatry have suggested that that a diet rich in antioxidants can greatly benefit our mental wellbeing. According to them, supplemented antioxidants resulted in lowering the risks and decreasing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. But why take supplements when you can consume antioxidants from your dinner plate?

Black gram contains a very concentrated amount of antioxidants in its skin; [MOU1] and studies suggest that black gram may effectively fight off damaging free radicals that wreak havoc on all areas of the body. 

The Beautiful Conclusion

As intimidating as the mental health statistics are in our nation, there is definitely hope to be found in a few basic and easy lifestyle changes. Simply put, a healthy diet and lifestyle may have profound effects on our emotional and mental well-being, and it’s worth investing in!

Black gram is one of the best ways to improve your diet, because frankly, we believe it is one of the healthiest foods on the planet! Try including it in your menu at home, and see what it can do for you and your family. Browse our website for some recipe ideas, and the many other ways that black gram can change your life for the better.

We believe in this little bean, and that’s why we have devoted our efforts to commend it to the world as a dietary hero. 

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