Build Strong Muscles with Black Gram!

Everyone wants to have strong muscles… after all, you can’t do much without them! Building a developed muscular frame not only looks great, but it is also great for your health! As we get older, the natural process of age results in the shrinking of muscle, the accumulation of fat, and the loss of bone density; this can all be slowed and even prevented however with good exercise and weight training.

Black Gram is a great dietary choice for anyone who is trying to build their muscles. The legume’s extraordinary nutritional features include the exact components needed for muscle repair, maintenance, and growth.

How Muscles Grow

During the process of bulking up, our muscles go through multiple cycles of minor tearing, re-bonding, and expanding. The more our muscles get used, the more fibers are formed to meet the challenges we put ourselves up to. It is very important to supply our bodies with the nutrients needed to keep up with all of this tissue growth.

Black Gram helps in the process of building strong muscles by providing plenty of protein, iron, copper, magnesium, and zinc; all of which play a special role in muscle growth.

  • Protein forms the building blocks of almost every part of the body including muscles. New fibers cannot form, and the damaged fibers cannot be repaired without adequate amounts of protein in your diet. A high-protein diet will allow your body to heal and grow, and reach new goals of weight lifting.
  • Iron helps your red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body. Needless to say, without oxygen, you wouldn’t be able to exercise very well! Making sure your muscles get plenty of iron will help you feel energized and ready to work out!
  • Copper teams up with iron to form the oxygen-carrying red blood cells, and it also helps regulate your heart rate/blood pressure. And because strong tendons are needed to lift weights and exercise, copper steps in and strengthens tendons and ligaments so you can do what you need to do! 
  • Magnesium is another mineral that is needed by virtually every cell in the human body. It works with your body to process protein, it helps your muscles contract and release properly, and aids in the repair of DNA. And did you know that there is a little agent in your body who has the job of converting food into energy? That’s right; its name is magnesium!
  • Zinc is another mineral that is involved in many functions of the body, including immune and reproductive health. Another feature of zinc is its ability to up your levels of testosterone; this hormone triggers your body to build muscle easier and makes your weight lifting more efficient.

Black Gram Steps Up to the Challenge!

When we examine the nutritional content of Black Gram, we discover that this ancient lentil from India can supply the body with everything necessary for some serious muscle growth! Now is the perfect time to start adding Black Gram to your meal plan, and begin feeling the benefits in your workouts!

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