Can Black Gram Help You Lose Weight?

Weight loss is a hot topic! In fact, according to TIME, about half of the people in the United States say they are trying to lose weight. With those kind of numbers wanting to drop a few pounds, it paves the way for hundreds of fad diets, lose-weight-quick scams, and disappointments. 

In the end, healthy weight loss is almost always achieved by steady and consistent habits of good exercise and moderate portions of nutritious food. Black Gram (also known as Vigna Mungo L. and Urad Dal) happens to be one of those nutritious foods that, when eaten on a regular basis, can have an amazing effect on your overall health, and, therefore, support your weight loss efforts!

Black Gram is an ancient legume from India that has been valued for thousands of years as a natural medicine, and it still holds up under scrutiny as a powerful superfood!

What is the Science Behind Weight Loss?

Generally speaking, excess weight is lost when more calories are being used than are being consumed. Exercise is what burns the calories, and …yes, eating food is what supplies the calories; some foods supply more than others! But weight loss can get a little more complicated depending on genetics, hormones, and various health problems.

Coincidentally, Black Gram may play a role in natural lifestyle-based remedies that can help remove some of the barriers to weight loss. Let’s take a look at some of the main culprits that make it hard for the human body to win the battle of losing weight, and then we’ll see how Black Gram can come to the rescue!


It’s fairly easy to understand how fatigue can hinder weight loss; if you’re tired a lot, it’s hard to hit the gym, go biking, etc. But fatigue is often the symptom of a deeper health problem such as anemia; and in many cases, the medications prescribed for common diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and depression can zap your energy away. Black Gram can assist in alleviating many of these fatigue-causing problems by supporting your blood and your digestive system.

  • One serving can supply you with 95% RDV of iron.  Iron helps ameliorate anemia, and helps more oxygen-rich blood to flow through your body and muscles, which may increase your energy levels on a day to day basis.
  • The incredible amount of fiber in Black Gram rejuvenates the digestive track, helps regulate blood sugar, and reduces the risks of heart disease, obesity, and many other common ailments.
  • Black Gram can provide you with 45% of the recommended daily intake of protein(not bad for a lentil!); this helps to build and repair your muscles so that you are ready and able to take on new exercise challenges without tiring too quickly.


The thyroid gland is located at the base of our necks, and it is responsible for producing a hormone that regulates the metabolism. Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid fails to produce enough of that regulating hormone, causing the metabolism to slow way down, making it difficult to burn calories.

Black Gram may help counter the effects of hypothyroidism in a few ways:


Stress and anxiety can really hinder weight loss; stress hormones slow down your metabolism, and for some people it also creates a hard-to-suppress desire to eat lots of junk food.

While we may not be able to control all the situations in life that cause stress, studies have shown that foods rich in magnesium, zinc, and antioxidants help a person cope with stress a little better. A 100 g serving of Black Gram has 67% of your magnesium, 30% of your zinc, and studies have shown a significant amount of antioxidant power in the skins of Black Gram lentils.

A True Friend to Your Weight Loss Efforts

There are even more ways that Black Gram can help you if you are trying to lose weight or maintain your weight by adopting a healthy lifestyle: if only we had time to talk about them all! This very special lentil is a great addition to your life, and a delicious one too! Try some of our recipes, and get ready for a wonderful addition to your mealtime favorites!

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