How to Stop Inflammation with Black Gram

When you have something inflamed, you just want it back to normal.

When you have something swelling up from a misadventure, like an accident, often, the only thing that will be on your mind is how to make your body go back down to its normal, sane size again as fast as humanly possible. Fortunately, there’s something you can eat, called black gram, which has a number of helpful properties. These include characteristics that stop inflammation. This means that if you eat this, black gram will help get rid of that swelling for you without a lot of extra trouble. Here’s some information about black gram and how it can help.

What Is Black Gram?

Black Gram is also known as Vigna mungo, and it’s a kind of lentil that you can find in southern Asia. This food is often a key staple in the meals created in India, and the reason for this goes beyond just its taste. Black Gram has a number of attributes that make it valuable as a healthy remedy, including how it helps to reduce inflammation.

For example, there are a number of different remedies that work with black gram, and not all require digesting. Some use the approach of boiling it with sesame oil and rock salt and then putting that combination on the affected area.

Recovering from Accidentally Walking into the Door (Again)

Regardless of the reason for having a swollen part of your body, it’s likely you’re not keen to relive the experience. Dealing with the consequences of an injury just makes it more burdensome. This is where black gram comes in. The lentil has been known to help with aching pain related to inflammation, even from older injuries that can flare back up again from time to time. In fact, some sources suggest that using black gram to cure inflammation is one of the first uses that the people of Asia had for the legume.

There have even been scientific studies done that suggest this link. Apparently, it doesn’t matter whether black gram has its skin or not in order to have this effect. The paper demonstrated that there’s a strong reason to believe that the minerals and also the vitamins in black gram aided in increased anti-inflammatory processes in the body. This included decreasing antioxidant enzymes that slowed down the positive processes.


Reducing Your Joints to Human-Size

As another benefit to the anti-inflammatory properties of black gram, the food also helps those who have joint pain. While it’s entirely possible to develop joint pain by banging your face or elbows against walls or other people’s elbows during some activity, this isn’t going to be the only way that this happens.

Joint pain can also occur due to issues related to aging. The recommendation is to create a poultice and then put it right on the area with the pain. So, essentially, you don’t need to even eat it to gain benefits. You can absorb the positive effects right through your skin as well. That’s why this substance is often recommended for those who have arthritis or other diseases of the joints.

Joint problems are the kind that you really can’t just let go because they hinder daily activities.

Why Combatting Inflammation Is So Important

Beyond the many other benefits of black gram, its ability to combat inflammation is particularly useful given how much of a problem inflammation can cause. For example, inflammation can make other diseases more severe. If you have asthma or certain kinds of arthritis, taking black gram to bring the inflammation down can be important to mitigate the symptoms.

Inflammation often happens naturally in response to some issue the body is fighting, such as a disease or an injury. The body is trying to increase the blood flow to the area in order to increase the number of resources that the area can access. However, increased blood flow can aggravate the area further, swelling the area to prevent hurt, but instead causing pain.

The body tends to just have cause and effect reactions to things; it doesn’t tend to use the right amount of force for the situation and it doesn’t update based on what’s going on. Instead, it just keeps repeating the same thing while the problem persists. That’s why it’s important for you to help your body out by using remedies like black gram to bring down inflammation and swelling when they get out of control.

This way, you can control it yourself and account for the body’s weaknesses, including its tendency to cause new problems because of a one-dimensional approach to solving old ones.

Black Gram to the Rescue

Thus, black gram represents an important potential remedy for those who are in pain. Black gram can bring down inflammation without the need for using other approaches that may come with severe limitations or side effects. For example, you can only put ice on something for so long before you start feeling too numb to be comfortable. In fact, too much ice can give you additional problems like headaches.

Additionally, using hot packs can make you uncomfortable for too long a time as well. And there can be limits to how helpful they can even be in the long run. This is one of the advantages of black gram: its versatility. You could either eat it or you can use it as a poultice based on what you need; it’s not limited to only one type of use.

Plus, by choosing black gram, you can avoid taking a medication that could have nasty side effects. This will help you cut back on heavy-duty medications in favor of something more natural. does not offer personal health or medical advice. Neither black gram nor any of the statements herein have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information provided on is general in nature and informational only. Nothing on this site is intended as advice and should not be considered a substitute in any way for professional medical advice to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You should consult your healthcare provider before starting any nutrition, diet, exercise, fitness, medical, or wellness program.

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