10 Quick Facts About New Superfood Black Gram

10 Quick Facts about Black Gram

  • Black Gram is a bean plant grown in southern Asia
  • Black Gram is highly nutritious with many vitamins
  • Black Gram is high in protein and increases energy
  • Black Gram is high in dietary fiber and aids in digestion
  • Black Gram lowers cholesterol and increases heart health
  • Black Gram is a low Glycemic Index food and is good for Diabetics and preventing Diabetes
  • Black Gram is strengthens bone mineral density
  • Black Gram reduces pain & inflammation
  • Black Gram is great as an exfoliator when applied to the skin
  • Black Gram has many names including Black Gram, Vigna Mungo, Black Matpe Bean, Minapa Pappu, Urad Bean, Mungo Bean


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