The Importance of Black Gram in Your Child’s Diet

Parenting Like a Pro

Being a parent is an amazing experience that can fill your life with immense love, lots of fun, some challenges… and a new level of responsibility. Clothes, school supplies, band-aids, and food may be a few of the things on your shopping list as a parent. Food; yeah, kids go through a lot of it!

Make Health a Priority

In our culture, it isn’t usually that difficult to provide food for our children, but sometimes it can be a challenge to find healthy foodthat they are willing to eat; don’t give up though! There are options for your family in the realms of delicious nutritious food, one gem of an example being Black Gram.

Childhood is one of the most important times in life to be health-conscious because that is when the body is developing; bone structure is forming, and brain function is advancing. Because kids are still in the process of learning how to do “life”, it is necessary for parents or guardians to step in and make sure that their children are eating right and getting plenty of exercise.

It Takes Protein to Raise a Child

When it comes to the vital nutrients in a child’s ideal diet, protein is at the top of the list. Protein is used by the body to build pretty much everything! Muscles, blood cells, bones, organ tissue, hair, and nails are all composed of proteins that are consumed in a balanced diet.

The recommended amounts of protein intake will vary according to the age and gender of the child. Generally, the older your kid is, the more protein is recommended.

Black Gram: the Protein Powerhouse

Did you know that Black Gram, the wonderful little lentil from India, is a great source of protein? That’s right! Nearly half of your recommended daily value (RDV) can be found in a serving of Black Gram.

Adding this legume to your child’s diet will help supply their growing body with plenty of building materials to get the job done.

Keep Things Moving with Fiber 

Whether we are talking about kids or adults, fiber is essential for keeping the digestive track in proper working condition. Many ailments and diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, and chronic constipation can be prevented or alleviated by a high-fiber diet.

Fiber comes in two different types; soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber combines with the liquid in your diet to form a sort of gel that helps lower cholesterol, while insoluble fiber remains undigested as it travels through the intestines to move along the digesting bulk and to clean the intestinal lining.

Black Gram: the Fiber Factor

Lots of fiber comes with a meal of Black Gram! These lentils contain both soluble and insoluble fiber, so you can get the benefits of both at the same time.

Implementing Black Gram into the daily menu can help regulate your child’s bowel movements, and nurture a healthy lifestyle that will prevent disease now and even later in their life.

Folate and Brain Formation

Modern obstetricians and gynecologists recognize the vital importance of folate in the neural development of infants in the womb. Deficiencies of folate in a pregnant mother can cause deformities and faulty formation of the fetus’s neural tubes.

A child’s brain continues to develop well past the teenage years and into the early 20’s. While the basic structure of the brain has been established by infancy, fine motor skills and cognitive functions are fine-tuned and expanded.

Folate plays a key role in brain development all through childhood and into adulthood, and the best way to absorb it is not through synthetic supplements or additives, but through healthy foods that are naturally rich in this valuable nutrient.

Black Gram: the Folate Force

Speaking of healthy foods that are rich in folate, Black Gram is so high in folate that one serving provides over half of the recommended daily value! This means that Black Gram is great for your child’s mental and cognitive development. Pair this delicious legume with some leafy greens like spinach to ensure a balanced intake of folate.

The Iron Energy Boost

Kids need a lot of energy to keep up with all the activities of childhood. Proper skeletal and cardio development requires the physical exertions of the running, jumping, and playing that comes naturally to children.

A group of physicians conducted a study on the importance of physical exercise for child development. In an article posted by the Journal of Pediatrics, they concluded that, “School-age youth should participate daily in 60 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity that is developmentally appropriate, enjoyable, and involves a variety of activities.”

All that activity requires a good supply of iron to help the blood carry oxygen through the body. A inadequate intake of iron can lead to iron deficiency anemia, a very common (and problematic) nutritional deficiency that affects children in this country, and all over the world.

Iron deficiency manifests itself through low energy levels, but it also causes irritability and a lack of concentration. It is highly important to establish eating habits for your child that supplies them with plenty of iron.

Black Gram: the Iron Imperative

Making sure your kids get enough iron in their diet is not that difficult, especially when you add Black Gram to their diet. One serving of Black Gram has a whopping 95% of the RDV of iron!

Simple steps in providing iron rich foods can make a big difference in your child’s health and behavior, and you’ll be doing your part to prevent the world-wide problem of iron deficiency anemia.

A Perfect Little Lentil

Can you believe how amazing this simple food is? What more could you ask of a humble little bean? The appreciation of the nutritional and even medicinal value of Black Gram is sweeping the nation as more and more studies reveal how beneficial it is on so many levels.

Helping your kids grow up to be healthy adults is an adventure that will take you down many roads in life. Why not let Black Gram be one of those exciting journeys that leads you to a better way of living?

For more information on Black Gram and how you can experience it in everyday life, visit our website.

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